Competitive Information

Tiffiny's Pachuca Soccer Academy welcomes all teams and players to participate in the Presidio league. We provide you with the cost for the 2019 season which will include Score Uniforms for games and Practice T-Shirts.

If you wish to have sweat pants and back pack, it is $175.00 from the original price per player aside from cost.


Birth Certificate, 2 recent passport photos and Cal South application completely filled out.
Division Price
2011 (U-9), 2010 (U-10), 2009 (U-11), 2008 (U-12) $575.00
2007 (U-13), 2006 (U-14) $650.00
2005 (U-15), 2004 (U-16) $700.00
2003 (U-17), 2002 (U-18), 2001 (U-19), 2000 (U-20) $750.00
SDDA Flight 2 $1,000.00
SDDA Flight 1 $1,100.00

Register Here

In order for a team to be registered, each player must pay the amount of $250.00 for Presidio and $350.00 for SDDA and turn in three postdated checks, totaling the full cost of registration. This transaction has to be made before February 15, 2019, with a minimum of 12 players for the age brackets U-12 to U-18.

The age brackets from U-8 to U-11 have to have a minimum of 10 players. If the required amount of players is not met by (February 15, 2019), then the team cannot be registered an won't be bale to participate until the following year of 2019.

First payment will be $250.00 following three payments of ? every month. The payments have to be made before the 15th of each month. Late payments will have a $10.00 fee. Payments made ten days after the due date will have a $15.00 fee.

Once the parents register his/her child to Tiffiny's Pachuca, the parents have three business days to decide if the player will continue to participate in the season or not, and receive a full refund if he/she does not stay. After the three days, there will be no refund and the money cannot be transferred to any other player. If a player decides to transfer to another club, the registration fee has to be paid in full.